Manutenção, Criação e Divulgação

XVII Convenção da Sociedad Española de Killis (SEK) 2010

23-04-2010 09:00


C.E.U. San Pablo University
Urbanización Monteprincipe, Boadilla del Monte (Madrid)

23th, 24th and 25th APRIL 2010


Friday 23th
09.00  Official welcome
09.00  Fish reception
20.00    End of reception of non-preinscribed fishes

Saturday 24th

09.00   Opening of Show  Hall
11.30   End of reception of preinscribed fishes.
11.30  SEK Members General Assembly
12.00   Juzgement of fishes
17.30   Lecture:   Adolfo González, Carlos Vizcaíno y Sebastián Calero (SEK):
“Collecting Trip to French Guayane and Surinam 2009”
      19.30   Lecture:   Luciano Pérez Jiménez (SEK):
“Instructions to Beginners”
22.00 Dinner and festivities. “Killi Show 2010 Awards”

Sunday 25th

10.00   Fish auction
14.30   Closing Ceremony.

Rules of SEK show and killi auction 2010

All killikeepers from any association are invited to contribute with fishes to make a great show.

This year the fishes are classified in 12 groups:

1.   Big Aphyosemion: Radaella, Callopanchax and Fundolopanchax.
2.   Scriptaphyosemion, Archiaphyosemion, Mesoaphyosemion, Aphyosemion and Calliurum group.
3.   Other Aphyosemion s.s.
4.   Chromaphyosemion, Kathetys and Diapteron
5.   Epiplathys, Aplocheilus, Aphyoplathys, Pachipanchax and Episemion
6.   Rivulus
7.   African Annuals: Nothobranchius and Fundulosoma
8.   Sudamerican Annuals: Cynolebias, Simpsonichthys, etc.
9.   Adamas, Adinia, Aphanius, Aplocheilichthys, Cyprinodon, Fundulus, Poropanchax, Hylopanchax, etc.
10.   Annual Breeding groups.
11.   Non-Annual Breeding groups.
12.   Photographs

For each group there will be prizes for 1st 2nd and 3th (except photographs only one prize). There´ll be a prize for the “Best fish in show”.

Judges are nominated by SEK organization, judgment will follow European standards.

All fishes from show will be offered at auction.

Fish registration

Fishes must be shipped to:

Carlos Vizcaíno Olías
C/ Alhaurín 4, 2º-G
28042  MADRID

And have to arrive absolutely before Thursday 20-04-2009, if later they’ll be excluded from show.

You can bring your fishes with you to the convention, fish registration deadline is friday the 23th of april at 20,00 h for non preinscriber fishes and saturday, the 24th of april at 11,30.A.M. for preinscriber fishes ( r

All fishes arriving late will be accepted but they won’t be judged.

All fishes bags must, be marked with:

Scientific name
Code of population if known
Killikeeper´s name with association code (i.e. J. Martín – SEK 35)

Ask for any doubt or further information:


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